About Us

Liberty Gift has a simple aim - to make available positive resources for people. We have this idea that if you help people, you win. This website is a resource centre that we hope will bring something to your life.

We want to create a community among those who come to the website looking for something and those who have something to offer.


The vision of Liberty Gift is to help people.

We are a connection point for artists and those who are interested in their art.

Liberty Gift represents a community of artists. We value those who have created the products you find at Liberty Gift. We believe in supporting those artists and in supporting the creative process.

And yes, we hope you will purchase some of our products. Your purchases help support the creative people who produced those products and help us to keep developing this site and services.

Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in finding out more about us. You are welcome to contact us.

Why Pay for Music, Books and Art?

Musicians, writers and other creative artists are a funny lot. They like to eat a couple of times a day and sleep for a few hours in a dry bed under a roof. Is this reasonable, or should they starve for their art?

We believe in supporting creative artists so we pay royalties to artists on our site. When you download or purchase a product from this site you help to support creative talent, contribute to the artist's production costs, and help the creation of new works.

You can go to other sites that do not pay any royalties, but you're actually just taking something. The web has lots of great free stuff, but it should always be the choice of the creator to give you something as a free gift or to ask you for a contribution.

You will find free material on this site, and there are other products we ask you to pay for. Think about how many musicians could afford the cost of recording new songs in a world where no-one paid for music.

You make the choice according to your conscience. Do you want to take something for nothing or share the cost?